Visual identities

We know the power of a good mark and what it can do for a brand. Every mark or logotype is the result of a long research process that always produces a lot of sketches. We even collected more than 1700 of them in our book Process — Visual Journeys in Graphic Design. We have a broad experience in creating powerful tools for visual toolboxes like custom made fonts, patterns, animations and illustrations. In synchronicity with the logotype of mark itself, it builds powerful, coherent and unique brands for a variety of purposes and all media.

Fotografiska New York
Fotografiska Berlin
The Collection
Soyokaze omakase
George Hoyningen-Huene at Grisebach, Berlin
Logos & marks by BankerWessel
George Hoyningen-Huene
Bau Architects
Fredrik Mattson Verkstad
how architects
Visual identity for Naturskyddsföreningen
Photography in Print & Circulation
The Swedish MPA
Hasselblad Award
Government of Sweden's Export Prize
Hasselblad Foundation
Fotografiska Tallinn
STEEL by Göhlin
The House
The Swedish Music Publishers Association
Alessandro Ripellino Architects