Process: Visual Journeys in Graphic Design

BankerWessel / Counter-Print

The story behind

The design process can be messy. It is, perhaps, therefore, seldom assembled and presented. In this book, we aim to reveal what happens before you see the final result. The book presents twelve logo projects with nearly 1 500 individual sketches. Each sketch has an annotation attached to reveal the actual thought process. Nothing is censored and shows all of the impulses, divergence, subjectivity, transitions, blind alleys and imperfections present in creative work.

“We want to show how we work in the most honest way possible, beyond all kinds of business jargon.”

Being transparent, we hope to contribute to the understanding of what a creative process can be, and facilitate a discussion about processes within all creative realm. The book, published by Counter-Print (UK) includes marks and logos for companies within the realm of art, music and fashion including Hasselblad Foundation and Fotografiska. Buy it at —> Counter-Print! The book is currently sold out. But we will release a second, slightly revised, edition in February 2021.

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