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The story behind

Sometimes there is an opportunity to develop a logo alongside the architecture. “Pallas” is a building complex that includes a hotel, a high-rise building and a mall in Borås, Sweden. It is situated in the center of the city by the Viskan river. We were commissioned by Alessandro Ripellino Architects early in the project to brand it. The facade of the mall was to be covered by a pattern reminiscent of textiles — the main industry of the city. We wanted to create a logo that would work with the pattern and keep its traditional feel. The two ‘L’s in the logo are associated with the high-rise building, and the curved bottom part refers to the river. The symmetry in the final design worked well on double doors, and the circular shape was eye-catching on stickers and paper bags. This is an example of the requirements that a logo needs to meet. It should work on a huge scale, as well as in its smallest version in social media.

This project is featured in our book Process — Visual Journeys in Graphic Design.

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