The Swedish Society for Nature Conservation


The story behind

The Swedish Society for Nature’s Conservation is a charitable environmental organisation that spread knowledge, chart environmental threats, propose solutions and influence politicians and authorities, both nationally and internationally.We were commissioned to refresh their overall identity with a much-loved logo (consisting of a Peregrine), typography, colour-scheme as well as various modes of application, including letterheads, email signatures, templates, posters etc.To show how vital SSNC’s work for the global environment is today, we added arches surrounding the bird, giving the symbol a sense of high speed and urgency as well as a sense of sustainability and ecological thinking.To allow for all of SSNC’s members — with various degrees of knowledge — to utilize the new identity, a toolbox of fonts, colors, templates, as well as a set of simple guidelines, were provided. The typography-system was based on an open source typeface, free for all members to use.

The colour-scheme was an expansion of the original colour — green — as an abstraction of sea, land and sky. The identity launched in the spring of 2017 throughout the organisation. Client: Naturskyddsföreningen / The Swedish Society for Nature’s Conservation

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