Play Beyond Play

The Museum of Technology, Stockholm

The story behind

Play Beyond Play opened at the Museum of Technology in Stockholm in 2018. We made the graphics for the exhibition including colour scheme, illustrations, logotype, animations and sign system.The largest walls measured over 14 meters and we dressed it all in graphics.

We wanted to step away from traditional gaming graphics and create a digital language that we adapted to different themes. Our starting point was the heartbeat. With that in mind, we developed a concept based on »the dot« evolving into butterflies, landscapes, spaceships etc. This commission presented us with the perfect opportunity to work with projections and animation. The logo transformed into free flying dots that we projected on the title wall and all the screens throughout the exhibition. We also made all the signs and colour coded them to match the graphics. A research report was published in conjunction with the exhibition. We made an animated lenticular cover for the book.

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