På Scen/On Stage

The Museum of Performing Arts, Stockholm

The story behind

Scenkonstmuseet is one of Europe's leading museums of the performing arts such as dance, music and theatre. The museum resides in a medieval building in the heart of Stockholm and includes state of the art technology and interactive experiences.

We designed the graphics for the main exhibition På Scen/On Stage. To differentiate the themes (dance, music and theatre), we created graphic interpretations of each category. We wanted to add a dynamic flow throughout the exhibition and used the graphics generously on glass doors and signs as well as animated projections on the walls. It was vital to us that the graphics could compromise all aspects of each theme and therefore avoid obvious imagery like »theatre masks« or »dance schemes«.

The exhibition was the same year nominated the »Best Exhibition of the Year«, by the Swedish Forum for Exhibitors.

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László Moholy-Nagy
Andy Warhol 1968
Patrick Demarchelier: Lumière