Murmuring the Book

Sanna Lindberg & Hanna Hedman

The story behind

During seven years, the two artists, Sanna Lindberg and Hanna Hedman have established an interdisciplinary collaboration in which their unique and separate artistic moods and expressions. The work Murmuring is a story about human origins and the most tenebrous inner rooms. The reader is invited to a suggestive journey into the untamed undergrowth of our subconscious. Text by Emily King amongst others.

We wanted to reflect the journey in the design in the sequence of the images – starting with photos of a dense forest followed by a walk towards the light. We made passages with studio photographs of Hedman's jewellery in a transparent paper to blend it with the rest of the pictures. One of the texts is an old passage from a book. We made the typesetting reflect a journey from dark to light.

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