Kristina Jansson: Spell Bound

The story behind

One theme in the work of Kristina Jansson is to make an image and then invert it. She also works a lot with different materials – like Bic ink. This is something we wanted to reflect in the design. The cover features a picture of the painter holding her hand against the camera. We used a heat sensitive colour on the cover that changes with the temperature. Putting a warm hand on the cover results in a white temporary handprint on the surface.

Exploring new ways of adding more dimensions to the two dimensions we usually work with is very special. New things have to be accounted for and there are different surprises along the way. Like in this case when the book was delivered in January when everyone's hands were cold! A coffee cup did the trick though. We didn't dare to shrink wrap the books as the books turned white in the process.

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