Client: Sanna Lindberg/Hanna Hedman

Project: Book design, Kerber Verlag

”Murmuring invites us on a journey to a mythical place of shamanistic rites, death symbolism and elusive gender role-play. Through the lens of photographer Sanna Lindberg, the poetic force of Hanna Hedman’s jewellery art is revealed in a way that consciously stretches the expectations of what jewellery art is and can be. Over the course of eight years, Hedman and Lindberg have established an interdisciplinary collaboration in which their separate artistic moods and expressions have been combined into a unique figurative universe.”  

The journey was our leading theme for the book design. We used transparent papers in layers and special typesetting for certain passages to get the feeling of walking in and out of a dense forest. The book was published and printed by Kerber Verlag.