Client: Moderna Museet, Stockholm.

Project: Exhibition graphics and accompanying publications for the art exhibition Efter Babel at Moderna Museet.

The Efter Babel logo was created for a 2015 major group show at Stockholm's Moderna Museet focusing on the many languages that play a role in contemporary art. The common denominator for participating artists was that their work built bridges between languages and continents.

The name Efter Babel, and the stair-like spiral shape of the logo, are references to the myth of the Tower of Babel, and it's explanation for the origin of different languages.

An English version – After Babel – was also created to be used alongside the Swedish version in the exhibition's art book, folders, invitations, and advertising campaign.

The special custom made foldings for the different printed material were made to emulate the Tower of Babel.

The typeface used is Moderna Museet's in-house version of the font Gridnik.