Client: Järngrinden 

Project: Logo, presentation material

Pallas is a building complex under construction, including hotel, housing and a big mall in Borås, Sweden. The architects, Alessandro Ripellino Arkitekter, are highly established with a lot of remarkable buildings in Sweden. To attract new and old clients into this building complex they wanted to have a connective graphic idea. We made a logo based on the word Pallas. The two ”L”s was signifying the shape of the building and the river of Viskan where it resides. We chose to work with the circle enhancing the symmetry in the logo seeing the logo on big double doors. From the logo we then created a pattern to be used inside the building as decorations and on products like bags and wrapping paper. Since the the city of Borås is very closely linked to Swedish textile production the idea for the ’Pallas’ pattern is to be magnified textile fabric.