Client: Moderna Museets Vänner / The Friends of Moderna Museet

Project: Create an identity within the Moderna Museet brand 

The Friends of Moderna Museet has supported the museum with important donations since 1952. The Moderna Museet identity consists of a handwritten logo and an adapted version of Gridnik. MMV used plain red and MMGridnik in their communication. We suggested that we could make a stronger identity for MMV, but still neutral enough to be secondary to the existing brand of Moderna Museet. The fact that MMV was founded two years before Moderna Museet made us think about the idea of the egg and the chicken, who came first? We liked the idea of using a pretty neutral oval suggesting the egg. One significant donation form the friends is Constantin Brancusi’s “The Newborn” popularly called “The Egg”. We changed the colour from the bright red to a more sophisticated purple.