The renowned architecture firm Rosenbergs was under a phase of expansion and was divided into two companies. We were commissioned to create the identity for one of the new firms: Alessandro Ripellino Architects. Significant for ARA are tall buildings, a graphic approach to the facades and big projects involving urban planning. To make the public face of ARA stand out in the context of other competing architecture firms, we chose to approach this project with a graphic logo rather than a wordmark — a fairly unconventional approach for architecture firms. 

One challenge was that the logo had to be reproduced very small on architects drawings. We developed an image based on perspective playing with the illusion of two tall buildings blocks. An idea that also, read from top to bottom, would suggest movement. We used the lower part of the image for the logo combining it with the font Foundry Monoline. We also used the image decoratively for marketing purposes where appropriate.

Client: Alessandro Ripellino Architects
Type of project: Identity, logo, typography
Year: 2015