In the 1930s and 1940s New York, Weegee — or Arthur Fellig as his real name was — was the top press photographer. Always ahead of the police, he developed his signature style by following the city's emergency services and documenting their activity. Weegee quickly became a cult-figure and built his persona around myth and rumors. In 2016, a large number of unknown street photographs by Weegee surfaced and was to be exhibited at Fotografiska, Stockholm.

Our ambition with the exhibition-design was to capture the essence of Weegee’s dynamic place of work and method — first on site in a city filled with violence, happiness, broken hearts and corruption. We created a flexible graphic system with various words set in different cuts of the typeface Bureau Grotesque, from the super-condensed to the ultra-extended. The typography became bold and strange, with a slightly uncomfortable rhythm — just like Weegee’s photographs.

Client: Fotografiska
Type of project: Exhibition design, typography, colours
Year: 2017